Collection Design Story


The mystical World, driven by the findings and interpretations of Göbeklitepe, comes to life again with our designs. Inspiration from each symbol and the mysterious weave created by the symbol leads to the emergence of unique patterns. Diza Gabo, in the collections inspired by Göbeklitepe, refers to the lines of the modern aesthetic world, while at the same time bringing the mysterious history of Anatolia to the present day.

There is a figure that is the inspiration for each hand drawn pattern, and there is a history behind each figure.

Since 1995, an archaeological study has been carried out in Göbeklitepe, Urfa, that will make us rethink what we know about human history, change the established understanding and knowledge of history, question the history of religions, and which some of us are not even aware of. The symbols and animal figures on the columns in this unique history are the inspiration points of the creative process.

Diza Gabo's FW22-23 and SS23 collections are inspired by the majestic and mysterious Göbeklitepe region, which provides the oldest evidence of human history, and Göbeklitepe symbols.