About Diza Gabo

Last several years were fast for me.. getting married, moving to new city, not being a lawyer, having kids, starting Diza Gabo,.. I felt happy, peaceful, surrounded, crowded, loved, tired, joyful, useful.. I pulled another woman every time.. I was amazed with the colorful crowd inside me.

Then I realized time was ready to fly by, that’s when I stopped rushing, I started looking.. I began to come across the beautiful, tasteful meanings within the lines.. My perspective refined.

This collection of 2020 was inspired by the symbols I came across while walking along the ancient paths of Bursa. These symbols were used by many civilizations.. They meant being in power but staying kind, being just yet strong, having the gift of fertility without compromising equality.. I felt they were the reflections of the women inside me as well as the women that surround me.. and I wanted to share the muse. 

I know the journey is long, change will continue and the muse will follow.. So I hope you will enjoy our collections of 2020, as they were born to be precious for their own time.